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it’s nice to be able to focus on your project, knowing that everything is firewalled, encrypted, and safely backed up.
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One control panel less, thank you very much

Who needs a hosting control panel when you can manage everything you need from your WordPress admin?
WP admin

Simple, predictable pricing
= less headache for you

Yes, we are also tired of the confusing, complex pricing plans used by the hosting industry - which is why we offer flat, market-leading prices with NO hidden fees and NO later price increases:
Free for the first 30 days, no card required
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The first carbon-negative web hosting provider

Did you known that the Internet emits more CO2 than the entire air travel industry?
Offsets for 2019:
1 metric ton CO2
Jacundá Forest Reserve

In cooperation with Cool Effect, we use carbon credits to fully offset our datacenters’ CO2 footprint. In fact, we offset somewhat more than needed, which makes us... carbon-negative?

To help mitigate our footprint, we support preservation projects in Jacundá Forest Reserve in Rondônia, Brazil — a vital ecology under constant stress from illegal deforestation.

Better online visibility for you = education for girls in Zambia

Improving lives in cooperation with

We don’t have an affiliate program because we think that spending our clients’ money on biased paid endorsements is silly at best.

Instead, we use just $1 per year from each Warpgate subscription to directly sponsor a child in need of basic education and care.

Say hello to Beatrice


Bea is 8 years old, her family of 7 lives on $40 per month. It’s hard for her to afford even basic education, but things are getting better:

Our monthly sponsorship of $36 means the world to Beatrice - it helps her stay in school and thus dramatically improves her future life prospects. One day she might become an entrepreneur herself!

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