It’s 2019, You (Probably) Don’t Even Need a Website

Creating your own website is easier than ever – but for most endeavors, chances are you don’t really even need one anymore. Or do you?…

That cool thing you’re doing, that business idea you’re pondering (already pursuing?), those thoughts you’ve been wanting to share with the world – first of all, kudos, very nice, very nice!

Whatever it is, though, some real money can be bet that it involves the Web at some point.

Which mostly happens on websites.

So, to reach other people with those awesome ideas, musings, or products, you’ll need one for yourself, right?

Platforms, Platforms Everywhere

Sure, why not! It’s been an entire legal age since the start of the XXI century, so we all know how to internet.

The way we internet has changed a lot over the recent years, though.

Social media and e-commerce have clearly taken over and now account for most of the time we spend online outside of work… and sometimes also during work, [sad wink]

More than half of our web time is now spent on mobile devices, more than 80% of it inside apps, and over three-quarters of that inside just three apps (guess which ones!).

While this massive concentration was taking place, the Internet has also matured – in other words, we’ve witnessed the rise of platforms.

Platforms like Facebook or Amazon are more than just “websites where we can shop or post updates”; they have grown into huge online ecosystems that are not only useful but also very usable, compared to the more primitive denizens of the early Internet.

…The point of all that being?

People spend most of their web-time on platforms nowadays, which have become so large and advanced that in many ways we don’t need other websites anymore.

If you think about it, most of the purposes why people create websites can be fulfilled just as well (and sometimes even better) with a platform and a pinch of customization:

There’s a Platform for That

Want to sell something online? – well, that’s never been easier. You don’t even need to leave your favourite social network to become a proud e-store owner: these days you can set up shop (literally) right there on Facebook or Instagram.

And don’t forget Amazon, everyone’s friendly e-commerce giant! By creating a profile and offering your products directly on their platform you can instantly reach hundreds of millions of people potential customers around the world. As a bonus, Amazon can even handle those tedious necessities of shipping and returns for you.

Something more niche? Like e.g. handmade, vintage, or artsy items? Then Etsy is your go-to marketplace, offering you potentially millions of craft-seeking eyeballs and a fully functional online shop platform.


In fact, most up-and-coming businesses, not only online shops, can easily get by with a Facebook page – from restaurants and sports studios, to festivals and language courses.

In addition to all the neat stuff like custom events, offers, polls, and job postings, did you know that there are dozens of specialized services that you can use to add even cooler features to your FB page, including sweepstakes, contests, and lead-capturing forms?

We won’t even mention the fact that you can promote your page and its content right there on Facebook, tapping into the largest social graph on the planet. Neat!

Oh, look – there are other huge platforms waiting in line to offer you a website-like experience!

See, there’s Google, with its Business Listings that let your business appear in search results and on Google Maps; right next is LinkedIn, and for those who offer specialist services like copywriting and development – Upwork.


Not looking to sell anything (for now), just sharing your content with the world? You can write beautiful blogs on Medium (and even earn money from your content if you’re really good) or even Twitter feed or a Telegram channel if you’re into shorter genres.

More of a visual type? Yes, you guessed it, Instagram 🙂

Or why not YouTube, leaving you ample possibilities to monetize your content if you feel like it!

Show off your designs on ArtStation, share funky drawings on DeviantArt, stream your games on Twitch, you get the idea!


…Does this mean that there’s no place for websites anymore? Well, no, of course, but it might be that their purpose and role has evolved, too.

Website as a Statement

As we’ve seen above, a lion’s share of endeavors that benefit from online presence don’t necessarily require building entire websites from scratch anymore: on social networks and other modern platforms you can sell, reach, engage, share, entertain, etc etc – with less effort and often no monetary outlays at all.

But this might be exactly what gives websites a new meaning in the year 2019: showing that you DO care enough to spend a little more of your time and effort.

Making sure the people you want to connect with are treated to something even a tiny bit more customized and thought-through by you, than a standard platform output.

Showing that what you do is important enough for you to place it on your very own corner of the world wide web, with its very own unique address.

Especially if you can do all that using free site engines like WordPress, on hosting services so inexpensive they make your Netflix and Spotify subscriptions look fancy – like Warpgate, with its no-strings-attached 30-day trial and neatly transparent pricing.

Platforms are awesome beasts, but if it were all there is, the Internet would cease to be a free, planet-spanning, all-encompassing, diverse hive of activity that will define our age in the history books of tomorrow.

The website is dead. Long live the website!

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