We Are Warpgate
(a.k.a Hello World!)

It would be nice if web services, including the really important ones, took no more than half a minute and a couple of clicks to get started, don’t you think?

We wholeheartedly agree.

We believe web hosting should be extremely easy to use, powerful under the hood, and transparently priced. We believe in everyone’s right to quickly create a fast and reliable website – at the lowest possible cost.

We don’t like complex registration procedures or paying upfront, before having even tried a service. We sure don’t like being overcharged. And we are deeply suspicious towards “special offers” that quietly increase your bills after the first billing period is over.

We are Warpgate – a more human-friendly version of web hosting, on a mission to help you create your own website while expending the least amount of time, money, and effort.

… and we like short, bold statements, as you might have noticed 😁

Stay tuned for more of those, but also highly readable guides, tutorials, as well as other useful and hopefully entertaining stuff – in this Blog and our official Facebook feed.

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