Doing good
is not optional.

tonnes of CO2 offset in 2022
profits donated to COVID help
non-profit sites hosted for free
If Internet was a country.. it would be the 4th largest CO2 polluter in the world!
That is why we have become:

The first carbon-negative web hosting provider

Carbon sink
Our offset credits are spent towards supporting preservation projects in Jacundá Forest Reserve in Rondônia, Brazil — a vital CO2 sink under constant stress from illegal deforestation.
We believe business should be about more than profits - every kindness matters!
And we practice what we preach:

Supporting doers and solvers for tangible impact

Non-profit organizations are hosted for free on Warpgate. If your company is registered as a non-profit, or if your team is pursuing social-benefit goals, get in touch with us using this form!
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