How Warpgate Works

It’s quite simple, actually.
Some would even say, refreshingly so :)
Here, let us explain:
Create a crispy fresh WordPress install in less than a minute:
— choose your temporary subdomain (handle) in our Warp Wizard and click on the activation link sent to your email. Done! You can now access your WP admin at:
You now have 30 days to work on your website, completely free:
— take your time to prepare your site for launch: the first month of Warpgate hosting is free of charge; no strings attached, no credit card required.
Get a free domain name and launch your awesome new website!
— activate your Warpgate hosting subscription at any time during the free 30-day period. You can choose between a monthly ($3/month) and a yearly ($30/year) billing plans. Your website will now be available at

What you get in the end:

your very own WordPress website
A fully managed WordPress website with your custom, forever-free domain name
powerful hosting, minus complexity
Simple management right inside your WordPress admin and friendly support
straightforward pricing structure
No hidden fees, price hikes, legal conditions, or caveats to worry about, ever

What’s under the hood:

Hardware located in state of the art green datacenters
High-RAM, high-CPU physical servers with 100% SSD storage
Cloud servers running latest Ubuntu / Apache / MySQL
Fully automated deployment process for new accounts
Containerized WordPress and database for each account
Automatic backups on container and server level
Simple, custom-built hosting panel right inside your WP admin
Free, self-updating SSL certificates managed by LetsEncrypt
The widest range of domain name offers by Namecheap
How can we improve? Submit a feature request!
Warp in your WordPress website
Takes less than 1 minute to set up.
Free for 30 days, no card required.